With the death toll at 5 as of today, that is 5 too many. 

The country is getting serious about how it’s responding to the virus.

People who’ve been told to self-isolate have been told for good reason and if you’re ignoring orders, there will eventually be fines or even JAIL TIME.

Fines may be set at over $50k in some states!

At the moment, enforced self-isolating is voluntary and under the orders of concerned doctors for those who MAY have contracted or been in contact with COVID-19.

However if the virus is not contained with ‘voluntary self-isolation’ then it will have to advance to a ‘formal public health order’. 

If this occurs then people can be fined for not complying. 


The Daily Mail reported that WA has fines up to $50 000 and/or 12 months in jail, in NSW it’s currently at $11, 000 for a fine and 6 months jail time. 

This comes as Prime Minister Scott Morrison introduced new travel restrictions, saying that anyone who enters the country from today will need to self-isolate for 14 days.