Turns out, flossing could lead to more harm than good! 

While studies show that only a fifth of us are regularly flossing, those who do are likely to be doing it incorrectly. 

The reason our dentist tells us to floss is because floss protects dental health by getting rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth. 

If this isn’t removed, the debris can build up, irritating the gums causing irritation, inflammation and wort of all – disease. 

If you floss the right way, it’s really effective in getting rid of the plaque between teeth and underneath the gums.

But flossing also takes great skill and it’s not an easy feat getting into the back of the mouth. 

So those of us that are flossing may actually be pushing plaque and food in between our teeth down underneath the gums and leaving in there which, of course, is the last thing we want to do! 


Additionally, dragging the floss back and forth in between the teeth also doesn’t remove plaque effectively and can traumatise the gums. 

Watch below and learn how to floss the proper, effective and safe way! 

Source: Dailymail

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