Masturbation has somehow over the years, found pride of place alongside some of the most vulgar swearwords in our language – but why?

It’s a perfectly healthy activity that we’re programmed to enjoy. Our bodies are BUILT to be stimulated.

Well, now there’s even less reason to fight it, as it has been found that there are actually many health benefits to solo love.

– It can prevent infections

Yep, during self play arousal causes the cervix to to open, allowing fluid circulation, which works to flush out bad bacterias.


– It boosts your immune system

As we delve down into the deep and play around, a chemical called cortisol increases, which helps to regulate immune functioning in small doses.

– It helps with depression

Much like how exercise works, when we indulge in a little self love, endorphins are released, which helps to reduce the feeling of depression.


– Diabetes, be gone!

A little solo lovin’ can help to reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and reduce insomnia through hormonal tension release and increase the strength of your pelvic floor through the contractions we have during orgasm.

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