Bustle writer Hatti Rex recently decided to try out the theory that coconut oil can be used as a pretty great substitute for makeup remover.

Reports have been coming in over the last few years that coconut oil is meant to be much less harsh on the skin, and we all know the other benefits of coconut oil in the kitchen department.

So, Hatti decided to give it a go to find out just how beneficial it was, and whether it was at all practical on a daily basis.

(Day 5)

At the end of the week, Hatti concluded that she actually will continue to use coconut oil to remover her makeup at the end of the day. She recomends that if your skin is already prone to moisture and oil retention, it might not be the best solution for you, but if you have dry or combination skin, you can definitely expect more softness from the relatively hassle free process.


(Day 7)

She adds that her red spots did not magically vanish as per many of the coconut oil blogs online, but she was pretty happy with the new, competant and natural means for taking off her makeup.

You can read her full diary and account, here.

Source + Images: Bustle

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