Katia Page is due to get married soon, but there’s one thing holding her back from having her dream day.

The 36 year old from New Jersey suffers with Lipoedema, a chronic disorder that causes fatty tissue to gather in bulk around the lower body.

Katia is currently undergoing lipsuction treatment, which will hopefully decrease her 4ft-wide legs.

However it is risky and there have already been complications such as excessive bleeding.

Before she began treatment Katia’s legs measured 50 to 54 inches.

Doctors are cautiously optimistic that after around ten treatments Katia will reach a manageable level, although this will take around three to four years.


People often assume Katia is overweight but she tries to remain as upbeat as possible, “I’m smart, I’m educated, I can cook and I’m a good catch! You’d be a fool not to want me,’ she said.

“I’m engaged and we’re going to get married soon. And to be honest with you, he loves me anyway, but I just want to look my best.”

Some days Katia finds herself in so much pain that even the smallest of tasks are difficult to manage.

However Doctor Lizzie Gottsegen, Katia’s doctor, says the bride-to-be could make good progress if she sticks to the plan, “I’m relatively happy so far with what we have accomplished with a seemingly insurmountable task,” said Doctor Gottsegan.

Source Daily Mail

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