Flow Athletic is known for its innovation when it comes to exercise and now they’re hosting something called FLOW AFTER DARK.

The event is an online silent yoga disco….it sounds self explanatory but also what?

This is what the event USUALLY looks like, which is actually surprisingly cool?

But things have to change because of self-isolation rules.

Flow Athletic wants to bring all the lonely people together and is aiming for 10, 000 people to join the stream and participate in the experience together.


The session will be run by Kate Kendall who is a legendary Yoga instructor and has taken quite a few major NRL teams through their practises.

People will be participating GLOBALLY!

The event will be held on the 9th of April at 7pm Sydney time, 5pm for Perth, Hong Kong & Singapore, 10am London and 5am New York!

Tickets are only $10 a pop and ALL the money will be going towards making sure the Flow Athletic staff stay employed during the pandemic!

So it’s a good cause, it’s fun, it’s social and it’s GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

You can book here.

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