Are you a good girl? Do you follow all the rules? BORING. Now is the time to break out your BAD side. So throw out the rule book and break these beauty no nos immediately!

#1: Don’t use your fingers

For some reason, everybody seems to think you get a better result when using a brush or a sponge to apply your foundation. The warmth of your fingers actually works to ‘push’ the foundation into your skin, making for a more natural result that doesn’t look ‘painted’. Your fingers also don’t drink all of your foundation like your sponge does – and for those of you that think it’s unhygenic to use your fingers, odds are you wash your hands more than you wash your brushes and sponges!

#2: Don’t tweeze above your eyebrows

While you shouldn’t go to town on your brows EVER (leave it to the professionals), there is nothing wrong with cleaning up any stray hairs both above and below your brows. The world will NOT end.


#3: You can’t rock bold lips AND bold eyes at the same time

Gobbledosh! As long as it’s not ‘matchy matchy’ go right ahead. A berry lip and a smoky eye is a match made in heaven after all.

#4: Don’t apply mascara to your lower lashes

This is silly. Leaving your lower lashes means your missing a major opportunity to add definition to your eyes. The trick is not to overdo it.


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