Acne can make you feel awful. But you’re definitely not alone, and one beauty blogger by the name of Katie Snooks set out to prove it.

Snooks vlogged her bare skin each day for one month to show the world her struggles with acne and hopefully to document her progress in overcoming her skin troubles (watch below).

After trying antibiotics, topical treatments, diet changes and everything she could find over a course of 10 years without success, Snooks, in consultation with her dermatologist decided to try a treatment called Roaccutane.

Katie documents her daily skin condition, not just how it looks but also how it feels, and it’s reaction to makeup. She lives through high and lows in this vlog and almost reaches breaking point on day 18, watch below..

It’s important to note that Roaccutane is an extremely strong drug that can cause other side affects including cracked lips, dermatitis, very dry skin, scaly skin, itching, red rashes and delicate, fragile skin. For this reason you must first consult your GP who can explain these and refer you to a dermatologist.


Source: Cosmopolitan

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