You have to see this! As part of a series of online beauty challenges, Swedish vlogger Josefin Lillakas filmed herself while she applied ONE HUNDRED layers of liquid foundation to her face.

This girl is hilarious. We totally love her vibe! She updates viewers on her progress as she applies new layers of the full coverage foundation, even showing herself using a hair dryer to dry the liquid makeup in between.

The video has since had over 625,999 views!

Warning, video contains explicit language.


Josefin has applied 100 layers of mascara in another video, which apparently took over five hours!

Other women have shared videos of themselves painting 100 layers of nail polish, or liquid lipstick on their lips.

We think Josefin is absolutely gorgeous – before she goes nuts with the foundation, but her video it is definitely something we couldn’t look away from. Wonder what she’ll try next?!

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