This Aussie Mum is weight loss goals!

Karlye Thurlow says she came to a realisation that she wanted to lose weight soon after her second child was born.

At the time she was a size 22, was drinking up to FOUR LITRES of Coke every day and was snacking on sugary treats and lollies.

“I was cooking food for my son when he was a few months old and it hit me. I just felt hypocritical nurturing my family and teaching them to eat properly without leading by example,” she said.

Karlye was tired and irritable all the time so she decided that it was time for a BIG change.

Initially the mum of two was too self conscious to go to the gym, so she changed her diet and went walking for an hour every day.


As a result of these simple changes Karlye lost 20 kilos.

She then joined a gym and got a personal trainer and soon after another 40 kilos came off.

She’s maintained her weight loss to this day, and treated herself to a boob job to give her even more confidence.

She says she is MUCH happier now and is constantly educating her children about healthy eating, only now Karlye is practising what she preaches.

Source Daily Mail