Just when you thought you’d seen it all online, think again! ASOS have delivered “the goods” with these extremely bizarre strap-on dinosaur tails. 

First they sold weird ‘Unwrap Me’ body bows but now the online fashion e-tailer is selling dinosaur tails. The tails sell for around AUD $50 and come in a variety of colours from black to a shiny green version. 

According to Dailymail, those wanting to purchase one of the large, black, scaly tails you will have to wait as they have already SOLD OUT! 

But don’t worry – there is still a green ‘shinosaur’ version available to purchase. 

It doesn’t stop there with the quirky tails, ASOS are also selling a black cat tail (AUD $33), a leopard tail and a wolf and fox tail (AUD $44). 

I don’t think the reaction was expected when ASOS started promoting these on Facebook. 


‘Not sure what I’ve been buying on ASOS to make them think I want a dinosaur tail lol???,’ one user posted on Twitter. 

‘Should I be worried that ASOS is promoting this tail at me? (it is an absolute bargain tbf),’ someone else added.

‘Finally! A fashionable dinosaur tail for all occasions! Thanks @ASOS!,’ another user said delightedly.

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