Many supermarkets have put new measures in place to ensure social distancing for customers and staff and Aldi is no exception.

However, a debate was sparked when one shopper took note of a new sign that was put up at their local store which seems to solidify an option that is already in place.

In the Facebook group Aldi Mums, the customer named Jess posted a photo of the sign which reads:

“For the safety of our customers and staff, use the packing bench provided.”

Jess agreed with this idea, as did many others.

“So they are asking us to do something that will keep their workers safe and that isn’t really a massive inconvenience for me to do. Why wouldn’t I comply, it’s a no brainer,” one shopper wrote.


“There’s a reason they put the bench in. Just use the god damn bench like a normal person and stop holding everyone up at the register with your seven bags and just use a damn trolley!” another passionately added.

However, other shoppers disagreed with the idea.

“I’m confused! It’s okay to touch each grocery item for scanning, but not to wait 20 seconds for me to chuck them in a bag?” a user questioned.

“Packing on the bench presents an even greater risk to customers as it isn’t sanitised.”


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