We all know that as women, we have a lot to think about, a lot to remember all the time, so sometimes, forgetting to take our birth control pill is a reality.

Doctor Jessica Walker teamed up with another doctor and a designer to create Oviary, an electronic birth control case that alerts its user when it hasn’t been opened for 24 hours.

It has an operating system that connects to the user’s smart phone through a custom app. Not just a sound alert on an app that may still mean you forget to take your medication, Oviary actually works around that. Once users have downloaded the app, they must place a month’s worth of birth control pills into the case.

The best bit is, it’s almost impossible to miss your dose! Through the app, Oviary connects to your home WiFi and alerts you of your pill status by sending you a text message. The case is equipped with a 24-hour alarm sensor. It will send you a reminder text if a certain amount of time has passed but the case hasn’t been opened. If a full 24 hours passes without Oviary being opened, you’ll receive a text notifying you of the missed dose and providing helpful information for what you can do to continue preventing pregnancy. Yippee!

Source: Bustle

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