Fashion designers are always seen trying to push the boundaries and stand out of the crowd during fashion week with some weird and whacky designs that let’s face it, a lot of us would never actually wear day to day.

But the latest strange design to walk down the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week definitely takes the cake.

Some of the models from Italian streetwear brand GCDS (God Can’t Destroy Streetwear) just walked down the runway in crop tops that showed more under-boob than we’ve ever seen before…

…And by that we mean that they were literally sporting three, yes THREE, boobs.

Of course the breasts were totally fake and no they did not manage to find models that actually had triplets up there, but seriously, all we’re wondering is WHY?!

Also another question we have, why are the nipples so darn hard?


Of course we have to give them a bit of praise for stepping out of the box, but let’s just hope that this isn’t actually something that catches on or else everyone will be wanting to get a boob job to add a third breast onto their chest.