If you’ve got a boyfriend, or are seeing someone, or even just enjoy male company, you’ll probably be aware of a few things that aren’t so pleasant that go hand-in-hand with that kind of intimacy.

Pleasuring him in that way, while amazing for him, definitely has its downfalls – and we have a couple of things anyone who’s ever gone down on a guy will be well aware of…

#1: You become aware of the noises your mouth is making

It’s a kind of slurping/slapping that just isn’t sexy – and you awkwardly become aware of it at random times.

#2: Remembering to breathe through your nose

But not before you let out an almighty snort that is just so not sexy in any capacity.


#3: When he starts thrusting

Your body goes into ‘attack mode’. Like ‘OMG OMG what is HAPPENING TO ME?! MUST STAY LOOKING SEXY!”

#4: Am I moaning enough?

Even though you’re totally not enjoying it, you have to make out like you’re loving it so much.

#5: It takes SO LONG


Sometimes when you’re down there you have a worrying thought that probably causes you to lose focus and ironically add more time to your task. The ‘Will it EVER END?’ thought.

#6: Feeling like you need to deep throat when you don’t

What you’re doings is fine, you go girl!

#7: You constantly worry about throwing up on his penis

His thingy hits that spot that your toothbrush does sometimes, the same spot that makes you want to throw up your lunch and you can feel the bile caused by your gag reflex isn’t too farn off. Great, another thought that’ll hold things up.


#8: Wondering if you should be doing something to his balls

I mean, they’re just hanging there? But I’m doing enough already, right? Yeah I am! Screw him and his balls. My jaw hurts so bad!

#9: The big decision

When he tells you he’s nearing towards the end and you have to make the ultimate decision; spit, swallow or put your hands out!

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Source: Cosmopolitan

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