We girls are a fickle bunch. It can be hard to just relax and get in the zone sometimes, with so many thoughts and insecurities buzzing around in our heads.

In case you were wondering, here are 9 things that more than likely go through every woman’s head while she’s receiving, well… you know what.

#1: “Wait, when did I shower last? This morning! That should be okay… shouldn’t it?”

#2: “How much hair do I have down there right now?! When did I have my wax? Two weeks ago? No I was away with Hannah, it must have been three! YES three, okay, I should be good – back to it, feeling SEXXXXYY.”

#3: “When did I poo last? I hope there’s nothing there!”

#4: “Is he liking it? This can’t taste good, I would hate to do this.”

#5: “It feels good, it feels really good, but he’s going to have to crank it up a notch if he wants to get me to the station.”


#6: “How long does this GO for? Real Housewives is on in 10 minutes.”

#7: “A little left. A little right. No, not that far right. There you go. Great. Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing.”

#8: “Oh no, he’s getting tired, should I tell him it’s okay to stop?”

#9: “Okay that was nice, time for sex!”

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