If you’ve ever been seriously… erm, blocked up – you’ll know that it’s pretty much the worst thing ever.

It makes you feel bloated, heavy and seriously not hot – but what causes it?

Well, there are 7 things that are known to cause constipation, so be sure to stay away from these…

#1: Not exercising enough

Aerobic exercise is said to be the best when it comes to making sure everything is working as it should be down there. Exercise stimulates contractions in the intestinal muscles – which is good for the poop!

#2: Drinking too much caffeine


Thought your coffee poop meant that coffee was a good thing when it came to consistent pooping? wrong! It can also dehydrate you – which means that you’re not as fluid down there as you might like. According to Bustle, experts recommend drinking a glass of water for every coffee that you drink.

#3: Bananas!

Even though they are very healthy and full of potassium, they’re actually not as good for ensuring working lower pipes as you may think. In fact, too many could clog you up good and proper!

#4: Eating too much dairy

While dairy, chock full of probiotics can be great for constipation, eating too much dairy may mean that you’re eating less fibre – BAD!


#5: Being a woman

Women are twice as likely to suffer from constipation than men, it’s just the way it is. It’s not fair – but it’s true! It’s often down to a hormone called progesterone, which is at its highest when we’re menstruating and is known to increase constipation.

#6: Not drinking water

It may seem obvious – because it is! Drinking water just helps everything be more… fluid… down there. Not drinking that makes things noticeably less… fluid.

#7: Eating too much sugar and too much fat!


Okay, so there isn’t a DIRECT link between sugar and not being able to poop – it has been shown that those who consume high sugar diets consume less fibre!

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