Chances are you or someone you know are on or have been taking the contraceptive pill before. 

Whether it be purely for contraceptive reasons, a way to clear up your skin or to lessen the pain of period cramps, the contraceptive pill has been consumed for decades by many, many women. 

However, while it’s benefits are noted, the negative side effects are huge, including mood swings, weight gain, migraines and more. 

More recently, women have been trialling other forms of contraception which act like the pill but involve less harsh side effects. 

Here’s a list of what will happen when you go off the pill. 

1. You CAN get pregnant right away 

If sexually active, your ability to conceive returns as soon as you stop taking the pill. 


2. Your weight may fluctuate in either direction 

Some people gain weight, some lose it.. some just stay the same! 

3. Your acne may return 

Because the pill reduces testosterone production, going off it may cause your skin problems to come back. 

4. Your boobs will shrink 

Because the progesterone and estrogen in your birth control pills cause breast growth, your breasts may deflate when you go off it. 


5. Pay attention to changes in your period 

When some women stop the Pill, they experience post-pill amenorrhea, meaning you may not get your period for a couple of months.

6. Symptoms of other disorders may come back, but you can treat them in new ways! 

Those menstrual cramps may return, but you can use other methods to reduce the pain. 

7. Your mood may be affected in different ways 

You’ll be a tad moodier around that time of month again.. maybe. 


Source: Bustle 

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