“What Ever” Hair

This is a sexy, “I just got out of bed and walked out the door” look. Take freshly shampooed hair and towel dry it, scrunch sea salt spray throughout the hair and then add some nourishing oil to ends. If when it dries and it feels a little flat turn your head upside down and zhush your hair with your hands to add extra oomph! Or you can do what Erin Wasson has done and flip your part to the side. Don’t be afraid to also let the wind shake your hair up a bit and put the windows down in your car.

Tortoise Shell Hair

This is hairdresser speak for the blend of golden honey tones into chocolate / sandy tones. This is the next big thing / already happening! It means not having to go to get your colour done every month, instead you can let your colour grow out for about 3 months. It also looks super interesting and glamorous! 


Putting your hair into plaits is great for mixing up your look but also reviving hair on a bad day. Either go for an intricate up do like Iggy or pull the hair to the side and plait like Blake. Pull some strands out around your face to create a softness.

The Kate Moss Look

The I don’t give a s*** flyaway look. Shampoo and towel dry hair. Then twist into a bun and leave it. When it feels almost dry, take it out and you’re left with soft waves. This look is great for girls on the go and want a zero effort look. It has to be pulled off with confidence though just like Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne.

The Chob

The bob that goes to you chin, ‘The Chob’, is the hottest trend this year. Everyone is chopping off their locks including Lara Bingle and Sienna Miller. It looks especially feminine and sexy when teamed with beach waves. It’s also perfect if your long hair is in some desperate need of TLC. Time to chop off those split ends for good!

Side Swept Glamour

Change your look from day to night, by turning that “whatever” hair into side swept glamour! Brush out the knots, blow dry upside down, part to the side, grab a curling iron and viola! Beautiful hair with no wash required. This look screams hollywood starlet and is bound to have everyone turning heads.

The HIGH HIGH Ponytail

Sitting on the top of your head this high, high ponytail is what we are seeing at all the runway shows, either on the catwalk or in the front row. Team it with some statement earrings and black eyeliner and get ready to feel super sexy. If you often wear your hair down, pulling it back every once in a while is a great way to give yourself a fresh look. Use a comb and hairspray to keep and frizz and flyaways down.  

The Low Bun

Last year it was all about the slicked back, high bun. This year it is all about looking relaxed and effortless. Low buns are super easy and great if you don’t have time to wash your hair. With a middle part, pull your hair back to the nape of your neck and orchestrate a bun, feel free to just wrap a hair tie around a few times in a non organized manner, it is meant to look effortless. Then pull some strands out at the front to soften your face. Kendall Jenner has nailed it!

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