It’s a very well known fact that at THAT time of the month, our stomachs are at peak pain levels..

The last thing you need is to eat something that’s just going to make you feel worse. 

However the foods we crave are only making things worse for us! 

Eating the RIGHT foods at that time of the month can help decrease bloating, improve your mood and even give you more energy!

To help you get through, we recommend avoiding these seven foods as they leave you feeling lethargic, bloated and overall miserable. 

1. Salty Foods 


High sodium foods can increase already existing bloating and discomfort, so try to stay away from foods like chips, french fries and canned foods. 

2. Coffee

Caffeine can make blood vessels constrict and cause the uterus to tighten. Try switching to tea for the first few days of your period. 

3. Sugar 


Everyone’s worst frenemy… By consuming sugar you cause blood sugar levels to rise and drop drastically. Try eating natural sugars such as figs or dates to cope with the cravings. 

4. Fatty Meat 

Heavy meats are high in saturated fats which can worsen period pains. 

5. Processed Foods 


Trans fats (found in french fries, packaged foods and desserts) also worsen period symptoms as they cause inflammation in the body. 

6. White Grains 

White grains like white rice and white flour have a similar effect to sugar and can cause spikes and drops in blood sugar which leads to inflammation, cravings and hunger. 

7. Dairy 


I know that ice cream tub might be your go to when you’ve got your period but dairy will only worsen your bloating and exacerbate cramping. 

Source: bustle 

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