Our bodies are pretty amazing and we often underestimate how incredible they are. 

Here’s a list of 7 things that are happening inside your body right now!

1. Hundreds of glands are secreting warm liquid into your mouth 

Your mouth produces between 1 and 2 litres or saliva EVERY day. That’s a two cartons of milk.. let that just sink in. This incredible production is thanks to our three pairs of major salivary glands in your mouth: the parotid glands, the sub mandibular glands and the sublingual glands. 

2. Flammable gasses are building up inside of you 

When you fart, you are letting out excess flammable gasses. These gasses include nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and sometimes even methane. 

3. Little corpses are mixing with dirt in the back of your throat. 


If you still have your tonsils, here’s a fun fact: they are filled with little nooks. Despite our tonsils’ best effots, these nooks very often fill up with bacteria, mucus and dead cells. Most people have a manageable amount of debris in their tonsils however some may develop tonsil stones, which are larger, harder gunk deposits. 

4. Mites are probably having sex on your eyelashes 

Two species of mite often build their homes on our faces (YUCK!). The most likely place for them to live, eat, crawl and have sex? Our eyelashes. 

5. Your food is slowly making it’s way through a 25-foot poop highway 

After we consume our food, it travels to our stomach where it’s broken down by gastric juice. It then travels through around 25 feet of intestine before… well.. you get rid of it. 

6. Thick, sticky good is collecting inside your face. 


Our bodies create around 1 litre of mucus per day to trap infectious agents entering the body. Mucus production is a very normal function as well as very helpful! 

7. Your mouth is preparing to involuntarily pop open. 

Once you read the word YAWN, try not to! 

Source: Mashable

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