We women are pretty amazing, you know.

Not only do we have the ability to produce a whole other life, we’re actually capable of much, much more.

Check out just how amazing your vagina actually is – this is just some of what it can do…

#1: Feel TWICE as much as a penis

Yep, with over 8,000 nerve endings – twice as much as a penis – it’s definitely the part to have!

#2: Expand, A LOT


To make way for babies, etc. Reportedly, when women become aroused there’s more muscular tension in your body, which draws the uterus upwards, creating more length in the vagina.

#3: Get a boner… kind of

Similar to when guy’s get a boner, the vagina also experiences swelling when aroused, making it somewhat larger. Yep, when you’re feeling into it, increased blood flow to that area means that your clitoris becomes engorged and firmer.

#4: Change colour

Well they come in a range of different colours and can alter as we age!


#5: Clean itself

When you get that odourless discharge, that’s what’s happening; your vagina is cleaning itself. Overcleaning it with sweet-smelling products can actually mess with your vagina’s health by messing with the pH level and make you more susceptible to infections.

#6: Tell you things

What your vagina secretes can certainly tell you a lot, especially about things like your fertility. Sometimes clear, sometimes milky, the consistency can tell you a bunch about your cycle and help when you’re trying for a baby.

Source: Bustle


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