If you’re a girl, odds are you’re a stickler for constantly focusing on the parts of you that you don’t love so much.

That is SO bad, especially when you’re so flippin’ fabulous.

Thigh are one of the problem areas that get serious attention – and they really shouldn’t. They’re womanly and… uh – i’m not going to give it away here, read on to see why you should learn to love them…

#1: They fill out a pair of jeans like nothing else

And make you look gooood, girl.


#2: They guard your lady parts

Anything that shield’s your spectacular lady section should be worshipped accordingly.

#3: They’re a 24-hour hot spot!

You know you can always warm up your hands (or his) this way!


#4: They make good cushions

If he’s you know, down there… or simply wants to lie on your lap!

#5: They’re good for a secure head lock

If you ever found yourself in a Bond girl tackle, that is…

#6: They make bike riding bearable


So cushiony and soft!

Gifs via giphy.com

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