Do you, like a child, not function right unless you have a little nana nap each day? Do you need an extra or two of shut eye over the weekend to balance out your crazy lifestyle?

Well, there are MASSIVE benefits to being able to take a good nap. They’ve been proven to improve memory and learning capabilities and help to make up for the fact that you’re almost definitely not getting enough sleep.

So how can you nap better? Try these tips…

#1: Make sure your nap environment is right

We’re talking minimal light, fluffy pillows, a blanket that’s warm enough and no television that’s on!

#2: Let there be NO light


Close the curtains, the doors and even wear a sleep mask if you must. The darker the room the deeper the sleep.

#3: Have some white noise

Nothing like a television, but the hum of a fan can help you to dull the chaotic sounds of the world around you. According to Bustle, playing “Celestial White Noise’ on Youtube works well, too.

#4: Keep it on the short side

Napping for longer than 45 minutes can actually make you more tired. While the optimal time for a power nap is between 20-30 minutes, it is acceptable to creep up to 45 minutes. Any longer can lead to ‘sleep drunkeness’, according to Bustle, which makes you feel more sluggish than before.


#5: Nap between 1-3pm

An article on Bustle states that according to our sleep cycle, we’re most tired between the hours of 2am and 4am, then again at 1pm to 3pm. Since we’re already sleeping between 2am-4am, it’s best to try and get some shut eye between 1-3pm.

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