What’s great about fashion is there isn’t just one way to do it.

Things come in fashion, go out of fashion and come back around again – and you can either choose to jump on the trends or do it your own way.

If you do happen to be one of those people who care, or are curious about what’s hot right now, we’ve got the word on it below!

Make sure NONE of these are seen in your wardrobe!

#1: Crochet

It’s like the poor man’s version of lace, it’s just coarse and bulky or reminiscent of your granny.


#2: Tight cotton mini skirts

They show EVERY bump, every shape, and often they come VERY short. Longer A-line skirts are definitely preferable.

#3: Clothes you can read

Gone are the days where you ‘say it on a T-shirt’, it’s time to use your words instead!


#4: Bow blouses

It’s a little too ‘House On The Prairie’ for our liking. Go for the button down shirt instead!

#5: Messy fringing

Short 1920s style fringing is cute, long, Coachella-style fringing just looks bargain basement in comparison.


Images via eBay and Cosmopolitan