The humble hairdryer is about so much more than just drying wet hair – in fact, it’s one of the most valuable items you can have in your bathroom.

Here’s why…

#1: Break in your new shoes

This is a LIFE CHANGER. Simply throw on a pair of thick socks, blast the inside of your shoes with a hairdryer for a minute or so and then walk around in the shoes with your thick socks until the shoes cool. The heat will help to manipulate and stretch the shoes.


#2: It can dry your mani and pedi REALLY fast

No time to spare? No problem. Make sure to hold down the ‘cool shot’ button though, as hot air will keep your polish wet and ‘tacky’.

#3: Dry your fake tan – fast!

Using the ‘cool shot’ button, run the dryer over your limbs for a faster-drying tan!


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