he world is full of cheats and hacks that can make us feel better about ourselves.

Genius little hacks that don’t require much effort or thought.

Want to know what they are? We’ve got them for you right here…

#1: Dry brush

It increases circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. Why is this so good? Your lymph system is basically a garbage disposal for your cells and provides a healthier system overall.

#2: Apply lumiser to the inner corners of your eyes


A little bit of shimmer will brighten up your stare and make you look wide awake.

#3: Make rosewater spray your best friend

When your skin is dry, collagen (the stuff that makes you look young) breaks down. When you feel your skin is dry, spritz away with the rosewater, which contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient that boosts cellular function – then let it sink in!

#4: Have some tea!

Teas without caffeine won’t dehydrate you and the right ones (like ones with hibiscus) promotes clearer skin and detoxifies your skin.


#5: Wash your hair with warm water – and then a shot of cold water!

It might make you jump, but it’ll do wonders for your hair. It closes the cuticle and adds shine.

#6: Eat a ripe banana and then rub the peel over your fine lines

Bananas are nature’s anti-agers! Not only do they maintain your blood levels, but the inside of the peel contains enzymes that exfoliate, hydrate and plump your skin. Stop when the skin turns brown and then rinse!

#7: Buff your nails


It’s the fast way to get really good looking nails. Just add a slick of your favourite polish!

#8: Use baby powder before bed

We all know how amazing dry shampoo can be, but a cheat is applying baby powder to the roots of your hair and allowing it to absorb over night. By morning you’ll be rocking non-oily, tousled locks.

#9: Rinse with apple cider vinegar

After shampooing rinse with the citrusy stuff to instantly add shine.


#10: Do star jumps, NOW

It’ll get your circulation going and boost your oxygen levels, giving you a gorgeous flush.

#11: Melt an ice cube over your face

This works to instantly tighten your pores and reduce inflammation in a flash.


#12: Massage your neck

The nape, more importantly. This area gets stiff due to tightened neck muscles due to, yep… you guessed it – stress! The blood flow is then limited. Massaging your neck relaxes the muscles, increasing your blood flow and leaving you looking fresh-faced and glowing.

#13: Take probiotics

Whether it’s a probiotic pill or yoghurt containing probiotics, these little beauties help to keep your skin clear and your energy high!

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