Guys are strange creatures.

No matter what they’re doing, they always seem to find a reason to touch their… erm, package.

So what are they doing down there? We found out…

#1: Stretch it out

You know, just to see how far it goes…

#2: Try to jam it into EVERYTHING


Not in a sexual way, but things like water bottles, toilet rolls etc.

#3: Treat it like a joystick

You know, like on a Nintendo 64. Round and round and round!

#4: See if you can move it with no hands

They’ve all tried it at least once. It’s the equivalent to trying to wiggle your ears.


#5: Bend it as far as possible

When it’s flacid it can do pretty much anything.

#6: Turn it into a hot dog

You know how that works. Come on…

#7: Flick it

When its erect, guys like to pull it back to their stomach and let it spring forward. Doinggg!


#8: Use it as a hot water bottle

So THAT’S why their hands are ALWAYS down there!

#9: Look into the tip

You know, to see if there’s anything in there.

#10: Make a Mangina


It’s fun to be a girl! Even if it’s a fake one…

#11: Measure it!

This is probably the most popular of the lot. You know, just to see if it’s grown overnight.

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