Are you meant to go the distance, or should you call it quits right now?

See if you score more ‘goods’ or ‘greats’ when answering the below questions…

Good: You plan big, extravagant nights out with lavish dinners and lots of drinking
Great: You feel closest to him when you order in a pizza and lay on the couch together watching a movie.

Good: You love him and would never ever even think about looking at another guy EVER!
Great: Guys catch your eye from time to time and you can appreciate how attractive they are, but you know that no-one could really ever measure up.

Good: You love surprising him on his birthday.
Great: You call his boss in the weeks leading up to his birthday and organise an early departure or a full day off as a surprise.

Good: He asks about your day and shares with you what he would do in your shoes when you talk about a problem you’re having.
Great: He makes you your favourite tea, nodding enthusiastically and asking follow up questions when you talk about your day.

Good: He takes notes of your favourite kinds of foods to eat.
Great: He knows you so well, he can pick a restaurant he just knows you’ve been secretly dying to try.


Good: He asks you if you’re alright all the time and wants to help you if you’re not.
Great: You have your own secret language, a simple look can tell him that you’re not okay, want to leave, are appreciative or need to get home to watch Revenge, stat.

Good: He goes along to all of your family gatherings.
Great: He offers to pick up your teenage sibling and take escort you guys out for ice-cream or something equally as fun.

Good: He has your mums number because she calls him when she can’t reach you.
Great: He has your mums number because he calls her to talk about surprises for you.

Good: You always flirt over text messages
Great: You can send a simple emoji, like the one showing all his teeth, or a pineapple – and he knows exactly what it means.

Good: He says ‘if’ when he talks about buying a house and having kids.
Great: He says ‘when’.

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