Remember the iconic Golden Crumpet Toast? You know, the delicious treat that suspiciously disappeared from our supermarket shelves over 10 years ago? Well, we’re excited to announce that they are officially back!

Tip Top has quietly relaunched the iconic breakfast toast for just $5. The launch comes just days after the Aussie brand teased customers about a “big” surprise.

“We have something big and toasty coming! Keep an eye out at your local supermarket to find out what Mr Golden has planned!” their Facebook post reads.

It wasn’t until people started finding the new discovery during their local supermarket shop that it was official – Golden Crumpet Toast is back, baby!

“Oh my God, I found it. May have brought all five packets,” one person said.

Another added, “The best thing to come out of coronavirus isolation. Thank you Golden… please never take Crumpet Toast away.”


Last year, the brand pulled a cruel April Fool’s joke with the caption: “We’re so excited to announce the re-launch of Crumpet Toast! You can grab yourself a fresh loaf from next week.”

A few hours later, Tip Top responded with: “April Fools! Did we trick you? Although Crumpet Toast isn’t coming back just yet we loved seeing all your enthusiasm for this Golden treasure from the past.”

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