Caramilk is the on the shelf-off the shelf delight that we just can’t get enough of. Is it just me, or is this chocolate creamier than other Cadbury faves??

Either way, it’s too delicious to leave us again!

If you have a fear that you will never see it again thanks to your unhealthy obsession with the treat, grab your wallet – Cadbury has your back!

The chocolate brand has revealed the Cadbury Caramilk Lover’s Pack. It’s a box with FIFTY blocks of Caramilk. You can binge it all at once, stow it away for a rainy day or share with loved ones (just kidding, keep it for yourself).

The pack is $250, which is only $5 per block, but if you can’t swing it right now you can use Zip for $10 a week!

Live out your fantasy and get this at your place ASAP! Go here to order one.




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