Forget the days where you would be forced to spend tons of money satisfying your obsession with avocado, you now actually earn money just by eating the delicious fruit every single day.

And seriously what a time to be alive!! We feel like our bodies are ready and we’ve finally found our true calling.

So what’s the go behind the avocado pay day? Well it’s all in the name of science with researchers looking to determine once and for all if the humble avo actually helps us lose weight.

Loma Lind University in California are the ones conducting the study and they’re looking for 250 avocado lovers to volunteer to eat them in large and small portions as part of the study.

“Since avocados contain the highest fat content of any fruit, it seems illogical to think they might actually help people lose their belly fat,” said the researchers on their website. “Nevertheless, that’s the hypothesis behind an upcoming study.”

If you are lucky enough to be selected to partake in the research you will be assigned to one of two groups. One group will have to eat one avo a day for six months (sounds just like a normal day to us) while the other will only eat two avos a month (sucks to be you if you’re in this group).

But basically at the end of the trial each participant will be paid about $360 for all of your hard work chowing down on a bit of avocado. Talk about easy money!


If you want to take part in the study you do have to meet the requirements which state that participants must:

1. Be 25 years of age or older

2. Be willing to either eat one avocado per day for six months or eat only two avocados per month for the same period

3. Measure at least 40 inches around the waist if they are male or

4. Measure at least 35 inches around the waist if they are female

So if you meet the criteria you can sign up for the study here! Bring on the avo pay day!

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