Aussies are good at a lot of things… Like chucking a ‘sanga on the Barbie and heading down to the pub for a schooner after a hard day of work…

But I never thought I’d see the day where we were recognized for being awesome at Pizza!

Well, believe it or not, but that day has come.

The title of the ‘World’s Best Pizza’ has been awarded to a pizzeria in SYDNEY.

The chefs at Sydney’s Verace Pizzeria have been crowned with the title of ‘World Pizza Champions 2016.’

And it’s a legit thing. They flew to Naples, Italy, (AKA ‘the home of pizza’) to compete for the prestigious title.


“We are very proud to be so heavily awarded,” Verace founder and owner Stefano Cirene said in a statement.

“All of our Pizza Chefs have now won trophies at a World Championship! It is an incredible honour to be rewarded for your passion!” 

And if the lure of tasting the ‘world’s best pizza’ is not enough to get you to make a reservation stat, I’ll just leave this drool-worthy snap of their 1 metre pepperoni pizza right here.

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