Woolworths has come under fire from shoppers after they found “scraps” of meat in packaging, rather than whole steaks in what has been described as a “packing error.”

One customer described the product they purchased as ‘disgusting’ when they complained on Woolworths’ Facebook page.

“As soon as we took the plastic wrapping off, it was obvious that the meat (not eye fillet) had been ‘stuck’ together to appear like a round eye fillet while in the packaging,” she wrote, before vowing to never shop at the store for meat again.

Another customer also had a similar issue with eye fillet, saying that the meat she purchases ‘unrolls’.

One customer shared an image of what she believed were four lamb steaks at purchase, but when she unpackaged them at home, she found them to be in multiple pieces.

A Woolworths spokesman told news.com.au that is was “not in our practice to place a smaller piece of meat together to form the appearance of a large piece.”


“We pride ourselves on providing high quality steak cuts to our customers, so we’re disappointed to see this. Product quality is important to us and we’ll be following these instances up with our meat production partners.

We’re in direct contact with each customer and will offer refunds in recognition of the poor quality cuts they received. If ever our customers are disappointed with the quality of fresh meat, we’d encourage them to contact their local store to replace or refund the product.”

The supermarket is now following up with its processing partners over the issue.



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