We’ve heard of various hacks to save money on your weekly shop at the grocery store or ways to make sure you’re doing your part for the environment, but never have we heard of this before!

This one woman actually goes bin-diving in the dumpsters outside supermarket stores for about half of her groceries each week to make use of all of the food going to waste!

Like we’re talking, she jumps in the bins, scrapes around for things she might like, and then heads home with all of her goodies and puts them in her pantry to eat and serve up to friends!

Ally called up the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to tell us all about her dumpster diving antics, revealing that you’d be surprised by the amount of good stuff you can find in the bins.

“We get quite a lot actually, there’s a lot of wastage from big supermarkets,” Ally told us.

“And so we sort of scrape through the first layer, which is normally like just rubbish or heaps of lettuce, and then we just scrape through and then there’s just gems underneath it.”

What sort of gems are we talking about here? Ally’s scored everything from avocados (which everyone knows are pricey when actually buying them!) to sourdough bread and even some sweet treats.


“A whole tray of avocados and we’ve had some brownies and caramel slices and stuff and just serve them up to friends and they’d never know,” she revealed. “And bread is pretty prevalent in the bins. We’ll get easily eight loaves of bread.”

So you could be at your friends house thinking that you’re enjoying a lovely biscuit or avocado on toast and be none-the-wiser that you mate actually got the item out of a BIN?!

Luckily Ally said that they pretty much always tell their friends anyway where the item came form, but it doesn’t bother them because a lot of her friends are “divers” too.

“Most of the time we are [transparent] and a lot of our friends dive as well,” Ally said. “We’re the bin divers of Sydney.”

If you’re thinking about taking up bin diving yourself, Ally says the best time of day to go is at night because usually the items have just been thrown out and no one can really see what you’re doing.

But be warned, it sounds like a pretty disgusting process (like, obviously) as you have to jump in amongst what Ally described as the “bin juice”.


“The thing you’ve got to watch out for is bin juice actually. You’ve got to take off your shoes and your pants and stuff,” she said. “We have a lot of fun. It’s a real adrenaline rush.”

Yeah, like we don’t know if that sounds worth it to us?! Having to get out of your pants and jump into a freaking bin..? Like, really? But Ally seems to think so!

“We normally get like half of our weekly shop, fruit and vegetables and stuff like that, bread and things, and then we’ll have to buy condiments, like oil, spices and salt and pepper” Ally told us. “We’re saving a lot.”

Hmm we’re not convinced yet tbh… We think well stick to buying out groceries from the shelves while we still have the choice! But each to their own!

Hear our chat with Ally the supermarket bin-diver in the podcast below!

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