Just a day after we learned that the way we’ve been using the grater has been a complete lie, comes another thing we’re stuffing up.

Apparently if you use a colander over the sink to drain your pasta, you’re dead wrong.

Because ‘liquid gold’.

As pasta boils, it releases starch into the water, which turns cloudy which many mistake as ‘dirty’ and dump it.

 Thing is, the oil and the liquid in your pasta and the sauce naturally wants to separate because, well, oil and water.

The starchy pasta water actually helps blends the oil and liquid into a smooth, creamy, inseparable mixture, not a puddly mess.

It also helps thicken it.


Also, don’t rinse your cooked pasta. The sauce binds better when the pasta has a nice coating of starch on it.

And it’s not just tomato-based sauces this works for. Pasta water makes a creamy sauce like alfredo a lot less greasy and it can give pesto a super silky texture.