We reckon it would be hard to find someone who doesn’t love a good hot chip. Honestly, in our opinion there’s nothing better than a crispy, golden, hot chip smothered in chicken salt.

And so we reckon that a lot of people will be interested in finding out where to get the cream of the crop when it comes to hot chippies here in Sydney.

Because is there really anything more disappointing than buying some fries only to be left seriously underwhelmed?

So we turned to someone with a great deal of authority on the subject, a guy known on Instagram as ‘Hot Chip Guy’.

Basically he just heads around Sydney taste testing hot chips from as many places as he possibly can to determine where we can find the best of the best.


While his quest is still continuing, ‘Hot Chip Guy’ did tell Kyle and Jackie O this morning that so far, his favourite chip is served just on the outskirts of the city in Newtown.

“What’s on the top of the list? Which one’s so far the really good hot chips?” Kyle asked.

“So far I reckon Clems in Newtown is top of the list so far,” he said. “Yeah Clems Chicken Shop on Kings Street in Newtown.”

So what makes this joint better than the rest?

“They make them fresh. As soon as you get in there they make them fresh. There’s never chips sitting in there waiting,” Hot Chip Guy told us.

“And they give you so many chips. More than you can even eat. You can’t even close the box.”


Say no more! We don’t need anymore convincing to go and try them ourselves!

Of course if you can’t get into Newtown, Hot Chip Guy also told us which Fast Food joint sells the best chippies in his opinion. And that answer might surprise you!

“I reckon Red Rooster for sure,” he told us.

Right! Time for a drive-thru trip on the way home today!

Hear more in the podcast below! And you can keep up to date on the quest to find the BEST hot chips on Hot Chip Guy’s Instagram.

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