First it was Vegemite chocolate… Now it’s a Vegemite Boost smoothie. 

It’s all part of the new Aussie Milk Bar range, alongside Cookies & Creme and Rocky Road smoothies available for a limited time. 

And while we were curious at first, the description of the smoothie sounds a little more appetising. 

“It’s no secret Australians love things that work well together: Kath and Kim, footy and pies, budgie smugglers in Bondi. Now, with two of Australia’s most iconic brands uniting, Aussies have another reason to celebrate,” Boost stated.

“Boost and Vegemite are delivering a drink all Aussies may not have known they wanted, but undoubtedly deserve!

The Vegemite Boost, a delicious smoothie that combines chocolate, vanilla yoghurt, banana, and a hint of Vegemite, will be sure to delight Vegemite aficionados and those looking for a delicious drink to enjoy this winter.”


We’re tempted to try it just to see what the fuss is all about! 

A lot of Aussies do love their Vegemite! 

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