Just when you thought you’d seen nearly every unicorn food trend possible, we’ve found another one and it’s no less amazing than the rest.

A couple of weeks ago our hearts were stolen by these Unicorn Macarons, and we couldn’t deal when someone bottled unicorn tears into a drink. Now Unicorn RAMEN has been added to the mix and we’re losing our minds. 

Unicorn Ramen is blue ramen, made with spirulina algae that ‘magically’ turns the broth blue. Along with blue broth, the bowl is filled with veggies, a salted egg, and roast chicken. 

Look at it


However, if you want to try this strange and magical concoction, you’ll have to book yourself a trip to Japan. 

Tokyo’s Kipposhi restaurant is where you’ll find it.

Would you try Unicorn Ramen? Tell us in the comments section below…

Source: Elite Daily

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