An Australian café has done something we would only ever dream of – A three-tiered breakfast platter, and it’s HERE in Sydney!

This MONSTER breakfast will be the perfect hangover cure that will hit the stop with everything from Hash browns, bacon, eggs, avocado and even goats cheese and crispy pancetta!

If that’s not enough, the top tier is complete with waffles, pancakes and even French toast.

The monster brekkie is a creation by Sydney Café Platform Eighty Two and owner Anthony Piazza has said how he came to create such an item on his menu.

Mr Piazza told Daily Mail “I just wanted to touch on something that hits all the spots because there’s nothing worse than when you go for brekky, and you don’t know what to have, but now you can have everything all in one.”


“It’s made for sharing, so I’ve only had groups of people tackling it,” Anthony said.

Although there are other variations to this platter, like the two tiered version that caters for couples – The three-tiered brekkie is made for groups of 3-6 people and starts from around $30 per person depending on what you order on the platter.

Platform Eighty Two is located at 82 Queen St, Concord West, Sydney for those keen to give this feast a go… Just make sure you take your friends.

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