Imagine walking into a shop, grabbing what you need and simply walking out.

OK, so that’s stealing, but what if sensors in the shop could detect what you selected (and put back), charge your account before sending you a receipt?

That time is now.

And Coles, Woolies and Aldi need to pay attention.

While yet to sink its talons in Australia, online shopping behemoth Amazon has tongues wagging over its newest concept.

And for an online company, it’s doing more than dipping its toe into a presence that’s more bricks and mortar. Along with its grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh, plus an actual bookstore, this will be Amazon’s third venture into the physical world.

Amazon Go are pretty much glorified convenience stores, their size being comparable to that of a small Aldi rather than a big supermarket.


Except there are no queues, no checkout and no cash.

Shoppers scan into the store with the Amazon app on their phone and are tracked as they walk through and pick up what they need. It also detects when something is put back. The shopper’s account is automatically docked and they’re sent a receipt.

It’s pick-up-and-go. Literally.


The store is currently still in a testing phase, and only Amazon employees can shop there (it’s down the road from their headquarters in Seattle), until it opens early next year.

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