A British mother who is obsessed with buying branded goods has managed to save her family nearly $13,000 a year by ditching the big names from her supermarket trolley.

Lindsey and Jason Taylor managed to cut their $460 weekly spend down to just $252.

Appearing on a TV show called ‘’Eat Well For Less’’, the Taylor family were guided by presenters Greg Wallace and Chris Bavin to make money-saving and health-boosting tweaks to their eating regime, including making homemade meals.

Lindsey believed that she would get a better product with a brand name saying ‘’You get what you pay for. I think brands are tried and tested. If I don’t buy the brands the children enjoy, then I’ll end up throwing it away.’ .

‘Ketchup has to be Heinz, snacks and cereal have to be Kellogg’s or Nestle and biscuits have to be McVitie’s,’ she added.

Her husband John said that he thought Lindsey was ‘’too extravagant’’ with her shopping..

The couple were forced to take tastes tests between home-brand products and brand name products to see if they could tell the difference.


In the test, they preferred the majority of home made brands and have now implemented those changes into their pantry. .

Simple changes such as replacing fresh berries, with frozen berries can slash the cost in half. Add in home-brand muesli instead of brand name and it’s another $5 per week.

Even just changing out brand-name soup to home-brand could saye you $1 a week but buy two of them every week and that’s a saving of $100 a year! .

Every little helps!.