I’m about to give you a gift.

A gift of LIFE.

Mr West Bar & Bottle Shop will deliver this sack of goodness to your door during your self-iso.

Mr West is naming these ‘Bagnums’ which is cute as heck.

The Espresso Martini sack is pre-filled with a perfect balance of Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Boston Black Cold Drip Coffee, stout and vodka.

It has 12 serves…or two really big and regretful serves if you’re having a bad night….

AND it comes with a little itty bitty cocktail shaker which is very considerate of Mr West.


If martini’s aren’t your thing, they also sell ‘Bagnums’ of Negroni mix!

With Poor Toms Sydney Dry gin, Campari and their house-blended vermouth, maybe this is your drink of choice to swirl all alone in your living room. 

This bad boy serves 16-20! ( depending on your serving size you alco). 

There is something else you need to know…

I’m not sure if I should divulge because it looks DANGEROUS.


The last ‘Bagnum’ available on the website is something called ‘Good Juice Party Bagnum’….

It’s the cheapest of the Bagnum family retailing at $59 and it’s a mix of red and white wine and it’s 1.5L and I have no doubt it’ll f*** you up. 

If it’s anything like the legendary goon sack then BEWARE. 

And also PARTY ON!…but by yourself…alone…isolated…

And of course, don’t forget to drink responsibly.