In the past few years, specially-themed advent calendars have become all the rage during the festive season.

Instead of hard lollies and out of date chocolates, people have been looking for more interesting treats to indulge in during December, including cheese and even gin packed calendars!

But now we think we have found the best yet, a beer advent calendar that features 25 different beers to indulge in during the month that’s now been re-christened ‘Decembeer’

Beer Cartel have taken a different approach this Christmas allowing Australian’s to skip long shopping queues and chill out with a beer surprise every day in the lead up to Christmas.

Beer Cartel founders Richard Kelsey and Geoff Huens revealed:

“Back in 2015 we started to notice the growth of Beer Advent Calendars overseas,”

“We then took this concept and have tweaked it over the last four years to create this amazing pre-Christmas gift. We’re not going to spoil the surprise by revealing which beers are hiding inside, but you can expect to find amazing hand-picked craft beers from world class Australian breweries.”


For more info about getting your hands on the ultimate Christmas present for the beer lover in your life visit:


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