Payday is coming up, so that clearly means booking a plane ticket to try the frappuccino that’s freaking the world out.

Three years ago, coffee giant Starbucks released this creamy frappe called the Avocado Blended, and it was a bit of a hit.

So, by popular demand, they’ve brought it back – albeit with a couple of tweaks.

Firstly, if you’re anywhere other than Seoul, South Korea, forget it, you can’t get it.

Secondly, if you are somewhere near Seoul, hop to it, like any regular avo, they’re only good for a short amount of time.  

But just look at this thing, it’s the complexion we all wish for when we slice open a Hass, it even comes complete with a dark green rim that looks like the peel – and cute chocolate topper, which makes the drink look like a half-cut avo.


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