It’s hard enough as it is, trying to eat healthy everyday. It’s so easy for anyone to cross the road and get a Big Mac every day, but we know it’s not the right way, if we want to stay healthy.

Supermarket bagged salads are pretty great in our plight against unhealthy lunches, but it can be heartbreaking to find this already sad lunch decision, has come even sadder – and wilted. We all know that gross juicy yellow, soggy salad at the bottom of the bag. But now there’s a way to minimise this heartbreak…

I recently came across this amazing food hack to help those supermarket bagged salads stay fresher, for way longer.

It’s so easy! All you have to do, is pop a piece of paper kitchen towel inside the bags as soon as you get home from the shops. The paper towel absorbs excess moisture and helps keep the greens fresh for as long as saladly possible.

Can we give a massive shout out to Marie Saba?! This legend put the hack up on her Instagram, and our lives will forever be better.

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