Big Brand snack bars with images of fruit on their packaging have been found to contain minimal actual fruit ingredients and often fail to disclose their added sugar content, according to Choice.

The review of 224 snack bars had identified that brands like Kellogg’s and Aldi were some of the worst offenders when it came to disguising excessive added sugars like fruit.

Choice’s head of media Tom Godfrey described the fruit content of some products as ”farcical.”

He said ”If you’re putting your kid’s lunch box together, you’d be far better off with fresh fruit and some whole grain crackers.”

One of the lowest-ranked snack bars in the study was Aldi’s Hillcrest Chewy Muesli Bars in Strawberry and Yoghurt flavour.

On the box, there is a photo of fresh strawberries and the content says ”strawberry-flavoured fruit pieces” but in fact, the product contains a fruit puree which is made of concentrates, flavouring and a range of additives.

Another example is Kellogg’s K-Time Twists in Raspberry and Apple which claimed to have ”raspberry and apple fillings” but they had no actual raspberry inside them, with only 2% apple.


Kelloggs and Aldi have said they’ve launched new packaging for the products in the last few weeks, which may not have reached stores yet.

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