High honey!

You know how, when you want a spoonful of honey to stir through your tea or drizzle over your crumpets or puddle on your porridge, you just pop to the corner shop?

Well spare a thought for the mountain climbers in Nepal who, quite literally, risk their lives to get their hands on a pot of the runny stuff; the daredevils dangle off the edges of pretty hectic cliffs – on bamboo ladders – to harvest the honey from the largest bees in Europe.

And it’s not just the huge stingers and sheer drops that could kill them; the honey itself has been cultivated from the nectar of toxic rhododendron flowers, causing vomiting and nausea in all who ingest it.

If someone could give OH&S a ring, that’d be great.

So why-oh-why are these locals dying to get their hands on condiment that could potentially kill them?

Because it’s funny runny honey. They get buzzed


Now you know why Winnie-the-Pooh was so gosh-darn cheerful all the time.

Nicknamed “Mad Honey” by the locals, the toxins in the syrup mess with the vagus nerve, the system tasked with controlling your heart, lungs and digestion; the vomiting is so extreme that warriors used to use it as a weapon, poisoning their enemies in what is quite possibly the best revenge-is-sweet set-up we can think of.

But the honey also alters mental state, causing hallucinations, and can even enhance sexual performance.

And all you have to do is hang off the side of a mountain with close to no protective gear and risk being stung to death.