We have had the lower end of the supermarket heat up over the last few years, but now there is a new contender for the high priced end, too.

Enter David Jones.

Chief Executive of the Department store John Dixon says there is an appetite in Australia for high-quality, ready-to-eat food and nobody was currently servicing it.

David Jones is going to invest $100 million into building an Australian food business over the next three years, which will see the chain expect to lose money until 2019.

They say, however, it is an investment that will deliver a world-class food product and includes fine dining, food halls and restaurant quality take-home meals with celebrity chef Neil Perry.

“I think it’s about understanding what customers want, working with the best ingredients and the freshest ingredients, it’s about the preparation that goes into those meals,” Mr Dixon said.

“You only need to, as I have done, eat many of those meals from within the existing Australian market and you look at the shelf life on some of those products, and it’s weeks.’’


The plan for DJ’s is to make days of shelf life, for a higher price but the product is easily accessible and of high quality.

Stores will begin to trial different food over the next year, with Sydney’s Bondi Junction to get the food first.

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