There is a god, and s/he is made of chocolate.

A Swiss chocolatier – so you know this is gonna be the good stuff – has launched a special sweet treat specifically formulated to ease your nasty-ass period symptoms in a myriad of different ways.

First up is the chocolate itself; the “Frauenmond” bar (which translates to “women’s moon”, lol) is packed with 60 per cent cocoa solids to get your serotonin levels buzzing.

Add 17 various Swiss mountain herbs to the mix and the combination is said to soothe your poor aching body and get your uterus to chill the heck out.


The man responsible for the creation, Marc Widmer, told 20 Minuten that while the bar is “reassuring, harmonising, and at the same time very delicious”, it shouldn’t be treated like medicine.

Oh, and he added that “of course men can also eat the chocolate.”

It’s not going to be the cheapest cramp crusher you reach for, coming in at a hefty $16.50, but it’s gotta do more than a Dairy Milk, right?

We officially love science.

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